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Not legal advice: Page launched Dec. 4, 2020

Actual Innocence Project -

FILED: December 1, 2020 - Pardon request mailed to White House via US Priority Mail.

ORDER "ToPOTUS II" - $24.95 Dec. 1, 2020 clemency petition to POTUS for pardon of certain tax convicts.

TAX DEFENDANTS & CONVICTS WHO only sold their personal services now have a request for clemency made on their behalf to the White House and US President Donald J. Trump.

THIS REQUEST confronts the reality that the IRS, DOJ, and the courts have no business sending anyone to prison when they have to block discussion of controlling provisions, and when not one solitary public servant can even offer an alternate intepretation despite having had particular challenges since 1993.

THE COURTS have had an abundance of opportunities to resolve such challenges but have refused, which means the challenges are valid, accurate, and correct. This dilemma lies fully exposed due to a pattern of abuse in 10+ civil cases and three Supreme Court attempts since 2014; the law is off limits.

ONLY THE PRESIDENT can provide the remedy due all those people whose alleged offenses cannot even be proven in the least.


US President Joseph R. Biden
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20500

          I am aware of a request for clemency filed with the White House by David R. Myrland on or about December 7, 2020 which seeks a full pardon for any tax convict whose controversy relates solely to compensation for services. I am writing to convey my desire to join in that request and I feel that convictions of such people are wholly unjust. The needless damage the IRS and the Dept. of Justice have for decades caused countless families is very unAmerican and clemency is the least the US government can do for them. Nobody likes the IRS or the Tax Code, and nobody deserves them.


HOW YOU CAN HELP - Call the White House every day and share your affirmation that you feel a full pardon, as requested, serves justice, that the convictions shouldn't stand. Call (202)-456-1111 between 11am and 3pm Eastern, Monday-Friday.

AND email the White House ( and politely demand that the tax conviction clemency petition should be granted.

AND mail a letter every day to the White House politely demanding that the petition for tax conviction clemency be granted.

ORDER "ToPOTUS II" - $24.95 Dec. 1, 2020 clemency petition to POTUS for pardon of certain tax convicts.

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